Your dream of studying in
Switzerland is closer than you think!

Learn about what it is like to study in Switzerland as a foreign
national and seek expert counselling from one of our executives!
Your dream of studying in
Switzerland is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying in Switzerland and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Study in Switzerland

When you think of Switzerland, you might conjure images of snow-covered mountains, delicious chocolates, and precision watches. But there's another facet that's equally renowned—its world-class education. Switzerland stands as a global hub for academic excellence, welcoming students from all over the world, including Thailand. With its unique blend of languages, cultures, and an unbeatable academic pedigree, the allure of studying in Switzerland is undeniable.

Renowned for its world-class education system, the country hosts some of the top-ranked universities and institutions known for their cutting-edge research, practical-oriented curriculum, and experienced faculty. Whether it's business, hospitality, engineering, or life sciences, students can choose from a wide range of academic programs that cater to their interests and career aspirations.

A melting pot of cultures, Switzerland offers an enriching environment for international students. Engaging with a diverse community fosters cross-cultural understanding and prepares students for global challenges. Additionally, Switzerland's multilingual society provides an opportunity to learn or enhance language skills, such as German, French, Italian, or English, further adding value to one's academic and professional profile.

Furthermore, the country is recognised globally for its commitment to research and innovation. Indeed, choosing to study in Switzerland is stepping into an environment where excellence meets culture, forging an ideal setting for academic and personal growth.

Key Facts to Study in Switzerland

Languages Spoken

German, French, Italian, Romansh

Cost of study

Varies by university and program

Sources of funding

Scholarships, Grants, Student Loans

Exams Required



Bachelor's, Master's, PhD


Fall & Spring


Student Visa Type D


Benefits of Studying in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland's global reputation as an educational hub isn't mere happenstance. The advantages of pursuing education here, especially for Thai students, are both extensive and profound:

  • Diverse Learning Environment: Switzerland's multicultural setup offers a unique blend of German, French, and Italian cultures.
  • Quality Education: Swiss institutions consistently rank among the top universities globally, offering unparalleled academic programs.
  • Research Opportunities: Renowned for its research initiatives, students often find opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects.
  • Multilingual Advantage: Students can enhance their linguistic skills, which is a valuable asset in the global job market.
  • Safe and Welcoming: Switzerland is known for its low crime rate and welcoming nature, making it an ideal study destination.
  • Strategic Location: Centrally located in Europe, students can easily travel and experience diverse European cultures.
Interesting, right? To know more about studying in Europe and the various unmissable benefits for international students, get in touch with our counsellors at AECC right away!

Popular Courses to Study in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland offers a diverse range of courses, but here are the six most popular ones among Malaysian students:

  • Business Management and Finance: Switzerland is home to some of the world's leading financial institutions, making it an excellent choice for studying business management and finance.
  • Computer Science and IT: The Swiss tech industry is thriving, and there's a growing demand for computer science professionals in the job market.
  • Hospitality Management: Switzerland is known globally for its excellence in the hospitality industry, with some of the world’s best hotel management schools located here.
  • Life Sciences: Renowned for its cutting-edge research, Switzerland is a great place for studying life sciences.
  • Physics and Astronomy: Home to CERN, Switzerland offers world-class programs in Physics and Astronomy.
  • Art and Design: Swiss universities offer top-tier Art and Design courses that encourage creativity and innovation.

If you are unsure of the right course program for you, worry not! Take the help of our Personality Assessment Tests and identify the right courses that align with your skill sets and interests!

Top Universities in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland is renowned for its high-quality education and offers a diverse range of academic programs and institutions. For Malaysian students seeking world-class education and exposure, Switzerland's top universities provide an excellent opportunity. With a focus on practical learning, multicultural environments, and cutting-edge facilities, these universities prepare students for successful careers in various industries. 

Whether it's hospitality management, business, culinary arts, or hotel management, Swiss universities are at the forefront of providing top-notch education and enabling a global perspective.

Here is a list of our partner universities in Switzerland and their key attributes:

Name of the University

Best known for

QS ranking 2024

THE ranking 2024

ETH Zurich

Engineering & Tech



University of Zurich

Arts & Humanities



Lausanne University

Sports Sciences



EU Business School, Montreux

Business and Entrepreneurship Education



Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Hospitality Management



SEG Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland CAAS

Culinary Arts



SEG Hotel Institute Montreux HIM

Hospitality Management



SEG Swiss Education Academy SEA

Business and Finance



SEG Swiss Hotel Management School SHMS

Hospitality Management



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Requirements for Studying in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland offers a variety of courses catering to different academic backgrounds. However, the admission requirements vary based on the level of study.

Graduate Diploma:
Here’s what you require to apply for a graduate diploma:
  • Valid Passport.
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
  • Proof of financial sustainability.
  • Language proficiency.
  • Updated CV.
  • Statement of Purpose.
Bachelor's Degree
  • Here’s what you require to apply for a bachelor’s degree:
  • Thai high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Language proficiency.
  • Proof of financial capability.
  • Swiss health insurance.
  • CV.
  • Statement of Purpose.
Master’s Degree:
Here’s what you require to apply for a master’s degree:
  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.
  • Language proficiency.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • CV.
Here’s what you require to apply for a doctoral degree:
  • Master's degree in a relevant field.
  • Research Proposal.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • CV.

Exams Required to Study in Swiss Universities for Thai Students

Various standardised exams and proficiency tests are required for admission into Swiss universities.

English Language Proficiency Tests: 
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)
Undergraduate Admission Requirements:
  • SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)
Graduate Admission Requirements:
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Documents Required to Study in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland has a streamlined process for international admissions. However, certain documents remain pivotal to the application.

  • Valid Passport.
  • Academic Transcripts.
  • Language Proficiency Certificates.
  • CV.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Statement of Purpose.

Visa Requirements for the Switzerland Study Visa from Thailand

For Thai students aspiring to study in Switzerland, obtaining a student visa is a crucial step. It’s essential to ensure all requirements are met for a seamless process.

  • Valid Passport.
  • Proof of admission from a Swiss educational institution.
  • Proof of financial capability.
  • Swiss health insurance.
  • Academic documents.
  • Proof of accommodation in Switzerland.
  • Visa application form.
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • Visa fee receipt.
  • Police clearance certificate.
To know more about the admission requirements in Switzerland and how to apply for the best universities in Switzerland, get in touch with our academic counsellors right away!

Intakes to Study in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland's education system follows a bi-semester system, ensuring flexibility for Thai students in terms of admissions.




September - December


February - June

Excited about the upcoming intakes? Contact us today to kickstart your study abroad journey!

Cost of Studying in Switzerland for Thai Students

The cost of studying in Switzerland varies greatly based on the level of education, course, and university. Here's a general breakdown of the tuition costs of studying in Switzerland for international students:

Level of Education

Costs for Thai students in EUR (Per year)


15,000 - 25,000 EUR


20,000 - 35,000 EUR

Need a helping hand to sort out your cost of studying in Swizz? Contact a counsellor at AECC for expert assistance and get your study abroad journey underway!

Scholarships in Switzerland for Thai Students

The Swiss government and various institutions offer scholarships, ensuring deserving Thai students can achieve their academic dreams without financial constraints.

Name of Scholarship



Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Covers tuition, living costs, and airfare.

Thai students with excellent academic records.

University of Zurich Scholarship

Covers 50% of tuition fees.

Thai students admitted to the University of Zurich.

Lausanne University Scholarships

Full tuition waiver.

Thai students admitted to Lausanne University.


Cost of Living in Switzerland

Understanding the costs associated with living expenses to Study in Switzerland is essential for Thai students. A clear budgetary outline helps students plan their finances effectively while ensuring a comfortable stay during their academic journey.


Average Cost Per Month (EUR)

Accommodation (Rent)

1,200 - 1,500

Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)

150 - 200


40 - 60

Mobile Phone

30 - 50


300 - 400


200 - 300

Public Transportation

70 - 90

Health Insurance

80 - 120

Entertainment (Movies, Events, etc.)

50 - 100

Need a helping hand to sort out your living costs in Switzerland ?
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Post-study Work Opportunities in Switzerland for Thai Students

Switzerland, being a hub for multinational corporations and renowned research institutions, holds vast opportunities for international students post their studies. With a robust economy and a demand for skilled professionals, Thai students have a promising chance to kick-start their careers in various sectors. The stability of the Swiss job market, combined with its competitive salaries, makes Switzerland an ideal destination for Thai students aiming for both academic and professional growth.

  • Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Switzerland is renowned for its hospitality and tourism sector, which attracts millions of visitors each year. Thai students with relevant qualifications and language skills may find job opportunities in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other tourism-related businesses.
  • Banking and Finance: Switzerland is a major global financial hub, and Thai students with degrees in finance, economics, or related fields might find opportunities in Swiss banks, financial institutions, and consulting firms.
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences: Switzerland is home to several prominent pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. Thai students with degrees in pharmacy, life sciences, or related fields may find job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry or research positions in academic institutions.
  • Information Technology (IT) and Engineering: Switzerland has a thriving IT and engineering sector, and Thai students with qualifications in computer science, software engineering, or other engineering disciplines may find job opportunities in tech companies or engineering firms.
  • Consulting and Professional Services: Swiss consulting firms and professional service providers often hire international graduates with diverse educational backgrounds, including Thai students.
  • International Organizations and NGOs: Switzerland hosts various international organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Thai students with degrees in international relations, development studies, or related fields might find job opportunities in these organisations.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Swiss companies often seek candidates with marketing and advertising expertise to promote their products and services locally and internationally.
  • Art and Design: Switzerland has a vibrant art and design community, and Thai students with qualifications in arts, design, or related fields may find opportunities in galleries, design studios, or creative industries.


Approximate Annual Salary (EUR)

Business Management

70,000 - 80,000

Education and Training

50,000 - 60,000


65,000 - 75,000

IT & Computer Science

80,000 - 90,000

Statistics and Data Science

75,000 - 85,000

From being an artist to an engineer, studying in Switzerland paves the way for numerous career opportunities in Europe. With its rich culture, serene environment and world-class education, Switzerland offers an enriching academic experience. Connect with our expert counsellors today to apply for the upcoming intakes to study in Switzerland.  

Frequently asked questions

Why is Switzerland best for study?

Switzerland stands out for its impeccable quality of education, world-class institutions, and unique multilingual advantage. Students benefit from a rich blend of theoretical knowledge paired with practical experience, particularly in fields like hospitality, business, and sciences.

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