Your dream of studying in
the USA is closer than you think!

Learn about what it is like to study in the USA as a foreign
national and seek expert counselling from one of our executives!
Your dream of studying in
the USA is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying in the USA and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Study in USA

Over the last few years, the United States has grown to be one of the sought-after destinations among international students when it comes to higher education. Right from culture to lifestyle, to education, to career opportunities, the country has great in every aspect that any aspiring student would want to have.

Key Facts to Study in the USA
Language spoken English
Cost of study $25,000 - $55,000
Sources of funding Scholarships, financial aid, part-time jobs
Degrees Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Research degree
Intakes September, January, May
Visa Student visa (F or M)

Why Study in USA

The United States has a lot of universities that have consistently ranked top among the university rankings, and according to the U.S. News and World Report, half of the universities in the world are located here. International students who get themselves enrolled in any reputed university in USA can trust that they are about to have great career opportunities once they graduate.

1. High Academic Standards in the USA

  • The USA is home to top universities known for their great academic standards.
  • Benefit from exceptional teaching techniques tailored for modern students.
  • The curriculum in top US universities is constantly updated to align with the current needs and requirements of students.

2. Diverse Programs Offered by US Universities

  • The USA stands out with its cultural diversity, and its universities reflect this by offering a wide range of programs.
  • International students have a plethora of versatile course options to choose from.
  • Whatever your passion or career goal, there's likely a program in the USA for you.

3. Great Scope for Research in the USA

  • The United States leads in Advanced Technology, with universities renowned for their cutting-edge facilities.
  • If you're pursuing a research degree, you'll have access to world-class technology and high-end research equipment.
  • The USA is a haven for aspiring researchers looking to make significant contributions to their fields.

4. Great Career Prospects in the USA

  • The USA boasts some of the highest-paid jobs in the world.
  • Employers in the USA prioritize students' skills and adaptability, especially those from skill-oriented courses.
  • With a degree from a US university, you're positioned well to capitalize on numerous job opportunities.

5. Financial Aid and Scholarships for Thai Students in the USA

  • The USA offers numerous scholarships and financial aid options for international students.
  • Thai students can benefit from financial aids based on their specific needs and qualifications.
  • Studying in the USA is made more accessible with these financial support options.

Benefits of Studying in USA

  • The United States is a country where more than 1 million international students enrol for higher education, considering the quality of education there and how the needs of the students are prioritised to a great extent. 
  • Living in USA as an international student, you get to do a lot more than just concentrate on your academics. The United States is a country that’s full of life and vibrant culture wherever you go and meet new people all along. 
  • International students are provided with a strong support network by most US universities. Right from the campus orientation to having a dedicated union working on student safety, a lot of measures are taken to ensure toe the well-being of international students. 
  • Another great advantage of studying in USA as an international student is that you get to learn the English language at a faster pace since it is the most commonly spoken language there. 
  • American universities offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to education. There are a wide variety of courses for international students to choose from.
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Popular Courses to Study in USA

Home to some of the top universities in the world, the United States has a lot to offer international students in terms of education. With the growing demand for professionals in all possible fields, the universities in the United States offer some of the most innovative courses in the world. Here are some of the popular courses to study in USA as an international student.

Business Management: More than 20% of international students opt for a career in business and related fields, and the US is one of the sought-after destinations where they can pursue a career in business. This course effectively provides insights into some of the important sectors in business, such as Accounting, Computing, Organisational Behaviour, Law, Marketing and Psychology, and so on. 

Life Science: The United States is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and most universities majorly contribute towards some of the revolutionary developments in fields such as medicine, artificial intelligence, agriculture, business, and education. After the completion of this course, one can expect numerous career opportunities that are related to the field. 

Engineering: Programs in electrical, mechanical, civil, computer, and aerospace engineering are highly sought after for their reputation and potential career opportunities. Computer Science and Information Technology: With the tech industry's rapid growth, computer science and IT courses are in high demand, offering opportunities in software development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and more.

Computer Science and Information Technology: This has always been one of the popular courses to study among international students and is considered a competitive program in USA. The universities in USA offer a broad range of specialisations in this field, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, information technology, virtual reality, data science, and so on.

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Top Universities in USA

The United States is one of the sought-after destinations for pursuing your higher education, considering the fact that the country has some of the best universities in the world to choose from. Choosing the right university to study at could be a tiring process, especially if you have to pick from nothing but the best universities. To simplify this process for you, here is a list of some of the top universities in USA and the things that make them stand out from the rest.

By now, it is clear that USA is a land of academic excellence, where knowledge meets innovation and vibrant cultures collide!

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Requirements for Studying in USA

Once you are done choosing the perfect course for and the university that you want to study at, the next step is to understand the requirements for the particular course at your chosen university. The entry requirements differ according to the university, and it is important to meet the requirements in order to be qualified as an applicant. 

Here are some of the important eligibility requirements that are considered mandatory to study in USA: 

1. Entrance tests: Certain degrees require you to submit the scores of related entrance tests that will help weigh your calibre as a student. Some of the entrance tests that are accepted by universities in the United States are SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT

2. English Language Proficiency tests: A certificate to show your English language proficiency is considered a mandatory requirement to be met by international students to study in USA. TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE are some of the most commonly accepted tests by universities. 

3. Required documents: Paperwork is a mandatory requirement that has to be met when it comes to studying in USA. Some of the documents that are required are an acceptance letter from your university, a valid passport and student visa, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation (if required), and financial proof. 

4. Intent to return: Students must prove that they have strong ties to their home country and intend to return after completing their studies in the U.S. This helps assure the U.S. authorities that the student plans to use their education to contribute to their home country's development.


Intakes to Study in USA

In the United States, international students have the opportunity to apply for admission in various intakes throughout the year. The intakes are essentially specific periods when universities and colleges accept applications for different academic sessions. The main intakes available in USA for international students are:

Spring Intake:

  • Application Timeline: January to May
  • Benefits: The Spring or January intake is the second preferred intake for international students to apply and travel abroad. It provides ample time for preparation and allows students to explore universities and courses. It offers an opportunity to complete the degree in a shorter time compared to other intakes.

Summer Intake:

  • Application Timeline: Starts around May or June
  • Benefits: The Summer intake is the last application intake, and only a few universities open selected courses for applying. It is a great opportunity for students to secure admission as there are fewer applications during this intake, increasing the chances of acceptance.

Fall Intake:

  • Application Timeline: September to December

Benefits: The Fall or Autumn semester admissions are the most popular among international students. Almost all US universities admit the first batch of undergraduate freshers during this season and offer a wide range of courses and slots to apply for.

As a note of advice, we urge you to keep track of the application and deadlines for admissions to your desired universities to ensure you are ahead of other applicants who aspire to study in USA!

Cost of Studying in USA

Studying in the United States can be a dream come true for many international students due to the country's excellent educational opportunities and diverse academic programs. However, it's important to be aware that the cost of studying in USA can be relatively high, and international students need to plan their finances accordingly. Let's take a detailed look at the cost of studying in USA for international students based on the provided information:

Tuition Fees: The cost of tuition fees can vary significantly depending on the university, study level, and program chosen. On average, tuition fees for international students in USA can range from $15,000 to $50,000 per year. It's essential to check the specific tuition fees for each university or college as they can differ considerably. 

English Language Programs: For students interested in English language programs, the cost can vary based on the institution and course duration. Studying English in USA for six months can cost between $12,000 to $20,000, including housing and living expenses. ESL programs offered at universities are generally priced per semester.

Apart from these expenses, here is the data for some of the other essentials that you might have to spend while living in USA:

Type of Expense Approximate monthly cost in USD
Undergraduate tuition fees $10,000 to $20,000
Postgraduate tuition fees $25,000 to $35,000
Food $300 - $600
Accommodation $500 - $800
Entertainment $100 - $200
Transportation (public) $150 - $250
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Scholarships To Study In USA

International students who are highly determined and eligible are provided with a variety of opportunities for financial aid and scholarships based on their requirements. Many US universities offer scholarships to study in USA and grants specifically for international students to help ease the financial burden. Additionally, there are various external scholarship options available from organisations and governments that support international education. Here are the available types of scholarship for Thai students in USA. 

  • University Scholarships

    • Universities offer a variety of scholarships tailored for Thai students.
    • Awards can be based on academic merit, extracurricular achievements, and specific criteria set by the institution.
  • Financial Scholarships

    • Specifically designed for students with financial needs.
    • Many universities offer needs-based scholarships to support international students.
  • Merit Scholarships

    • Recognizes students with academic excellence, outstanding talents, or significant contributions to their community.
    • May also be awarded for athletic achievements.
  • Country-Based Scholarships

    • Aimed at students from specific developing countries, including Thailand.
    • Helps to support and encourage their educational journeys in the USA.
  • Government-Funded Scholarships

    • Sponsored by the United States government.
    • Designed to foster international relations and support Thai students in their studies.
  • Privately-Funded Scholarships

    • Funded by private businesses, organizations, or individual donors.
    • Often targets specific countries, minority groups, or particular areas of study.

Living and Studying in USA

The US has consistently been a top destination for international students due to its world-renowned universities, diverse academic programs, and opportunities for research and professional advancement. As of 2022, there were more than a million enrolled international students in USA, accounting for nearly 6% of the total student population in the country. Here is what it is like to study and live in USA as an international student

  • World-Class Universities

    • The USA is home to some of the highest-ranked universities globally.
    • These institutions are recognized for their unparalleled teaching techniques and state-of-the-art research facilities.
  • Cultural Melting Pot

    • The influx of international students makes the USA a hub of rich cultural diversity.
    • Studying here offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in varied cultures and traditions.
  • Diverse Academic Offerings

    • The US provides an extensive range of programs spanning from undergraduate to doctoral levels.
    • Popular fields of study include STEM, business, management, humanities, arts, and social sciences.
  • Holistic Education Approach

    • American education emphasizes a well-rounded curriculum.
    • Students benefit from foundational courses across various subjects, allowing them to explore and make informed academic and career decisions.
  • Supportive Student Communities

    • Most US universities have dedicated communities to assist international students during their academic journey.
    • Beyond academics, various clubs and societies offer opportunities for extracurricular engagement and networking
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Post-study work opportunities in USA

As an international student studying in the United States, there are post-study work opportunities available that allow you to gain practical experience in your field of study after completing your degree. An opportunity to work in USA can be beneficial for career advancement and enhancing your skills in a real-world setting. Let's explore the post-study work opportunities for international students in USA. 

There are different types of student visas that are available for international students who are willing to extend their stay in the United States after their education. 

F-1 Visa: This is a non-immigrant visa that is issued by the US for international students who are willing to pursue a full-time degree in the country. This is especially for students who are attending a university, taking up an English language course, and so on. With this visa, international students can work in USA after their education. 

M-1 Visa: This is another non-immigrant visa that is provided for international students that is not fully academic. International students who are enrolled in various vocational programs can also apply for this visa and extend their stay in the country post their education. 

Here are some of the in-demand jobs that are there in USA and their approximate annual salary for each of them.

Job title Approximate Annual Salary in USD
Mental Health Social Worker $58,000
Site Manager $80,000
Anesthesiologist $200,000
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon $205,000
Paediatrician $170,000
Orthodontist $200,000
Psychiatrist $190,000
Nurse Anesthetist $195,000
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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to study in USA?

Tuition fees for international students in the USA typically range from $20,000 to $50,000 annually, with elite private universities potentially costing more. When factoring in accommodation, food, health insurance, textbooks, and personal expenses, the overall cost of studying in the USA can increase significantly.

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