Your dream of studying in
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Your dream of studying in
the UK is closer than you think!

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Study in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the top universities in the world, and there are multiple reasons why the country remains one of the most popular study destinations in the world among international students. According to the QS Rankings 2023 for the best student cities in the world, 15 states of the United Kingdom are considered the safest places to stay.

Key Facts to Study in the UK

Language spoken


Cost of study

GBP 8,000 - 50,000 

Sources of funding 

Scholarships, financial aid, part-time jobs

Exams required 



Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Research degree


September, January, and May


Short-term study visa, Student visa  

Why Study in the UK from thailand

The United Kingdom has been one of the most preferred study abroad destinations among international students for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the compelling reasons to state the same:

  1.  Historical and cultural heritage: The UK is known for its historical significance and vibrant cultural heritage. International students have the opportunity to explore some of the iconic landmarks, museums, and galleries and immerse themselves in a rich cultural experience. This can create a unique and enriching experience beyond academics.
  2. Academic Reputation: The UK is globally recognised for its high academic standards and rigorous education system. The degrees awarded by UK universities are widely respected and valued by employers worldwide, which can enhance job prospects and open doors to future career opportunities. 
  3. Research Opportunities: The United Kingdom is at the forefront of research and innovation in various fields. As an international student, you can benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, research grants, and collaborations with leading academics. Engaging in research projects can greatly contribute to personal and academic growth.
  4. Home to Renowned Universities: Home to some of the world's most prestigious and highly ranked universities, the United Kingdom can provide access to excellent academic programs and world-class faculty to international students.
  5. Global Career Prospects:  UK consistently ranks highly in measures of quality of life, including healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and overall happiness. The country's clean and green environment, work-life balance, and friendly communities contribute to a high standard of living.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

  • For international students, studying in the UK can be a great opportunity to improve their English skills, since that is one of the commonly spoken languages there and is mostly the medium of instruction at universities. 
  • A degree from a renowned university in the UK is something that is globally recognised is will be respected in all parts of the world. Employers from across the world find this an important factor to measure the student's credibility. 
  • Both the government and the universities in the UK provide all sorts of financial assistance in the form of scholarships, financial aid, and bursaries to ensure that international students have their needs and requirements met. 
  • While studying in the UK as an international student, you will be provided with immense support both from the government and your educational institution to ensure that you have a safe environment to study. 
  • There are plenty of options available for international students to earn money while studying in the UK. You can work up to 20 hours per week and make sure that you are financially stable even as a student. 
  • After graduating from a reputed university in the UK, you can now extend your stay in the country for up to 2 years with a valid post-study work visa. International students who have completed their doctoral studies can stay up to 3 years.

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Popular Courses in the UK

Choosing to study abroad could be a daunting task for most of us, with so many things to think about during the process. One of the most important things to look into is picking the perfect course for you. The course that you are choosing should align with your interests as well as be something that can shape your career. Here are some of the popular courses to study in the UK:

Business Studies: This is a degree that will help you learn how to understand how a business runs and make informed decisions in an organisation. Throughout the course, students will learn different business aspects such as finance, marketing, administration, and human resources. 

Accounting and Finance: This course helps students develop their knowledge of various sectors such as accounting, economics, mathematics, political science, and so on. Students are prepared to interpret financial information, as well as get theoretical and practical experience in financial practice. 

Business Management: This is one of the most sought-after fields in the UK and is a broad domain that encompasses a spectrum of courses, including business administration, international business, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. These programs also emphasise experiential learning through internships, case studies, and industry collaborations, ensuring students are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges upon graduation.

Computer Science: Computer science is considered one of the popular courses to study in the UK since this helps you build some of the essential skills that are required to succeed in a business environment.



Approximate course fee per year in GBP

Coventry University

Branding MA

£20,050 | £24,050

Cranfield University

Executive MBA


De Monfort University

International Business and Management MSc 


University of Leeds 

Accounting and Finance BSc 


Bath Spa University

Business and Management (Accounting)


University of Surrey

Civil Engineering


University of Essex

BSc Engineering and Management 


BPP University

MSc Management 


University of Bristol

MEng Aerospace Engineering 


Newcastle University

Business Management BA Honours 


Interesting, isn’t it? Want to learn more about the best course you can pursue in UK?Then, visit the link below to discover more about the top programmes for Thai students in the UK!

Top Universities in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been one of the most popular study destinations among international students majorly for their quality of education and the fact the country is the third most popular study destination in the world. Here are some of the top universities in the UK and the key factors that they are known for.

Some of the top universities in the UK include:


Best Known for

QS Ranking 

University of Bristol

Ranked 9th in the UK for its quality of education, the university offers more than 600 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students. 

Ranked 61 among the QS world rankings in 2023

Lancaster University

Studying at Lancaster University gives international students the to graduate from a reputed British institution with the required skill set. and confidence to succeed after their education.  

Ranked 146 among the QS world rankings in 2023

University of York

The University of York is one of the prominent research institutions in the UK with cutting-edge facilities and ample research opportunities for aspiring students. 

Ranked 162 among the QS world rankings in 2023

University of Exeter 

The University of Exeter is a part of the Russell Group, and is supposedly a place that has a supportive and inclusive environment towards international students.  

Ranked 163 among the QS world rankings in 2023

The University of Sheffield

This is one of the universities in the UK that has greater graduate employability and an award-winning student union. 

Ranked 96 among the QS world rankings in 2023

University of Bath

Ranked 7th in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2023, 92% of the university’s research have been recognised as world-leading by the Research Excellence Framework 2021. 

Ranked 179 among the QS world rankings in 2023,

University of Surrey

Apart from quality education and exceptional teaching, the university also offers opportunities for students to part of various clubs and societies. 

Ranked 305 among the QS world rankings in 2023

Royal Holloway, University of London

The university is said to have the most inclusive community of all where international students are given a warm welcome and get to be part of a diverse culture. 

Ranked 402 among the QS world rankings in 2023

University of Aberdeen

This is one of the most internationally distinguished universities in the UK with students from over 130 different countries. 

Ranked 220 among the QS world rankings in 2023

Swansea University

The university has over 150 plus clubs and societies for international students to choose from and get to do a lot more than their academics. 

Ranked 425 among the QS world rankings in 2023.

By now, it is clear that uK is a land of academic excellence, where knowledge meets innovation and vibrant cultures collide!

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Requirements for Studying in the UK for Thai students

The academic standards of UK universities are among the best in the world, and over the years, the standards have only become better. There are certain eligibility criteria that the students are required to meet in order to pursue their higher education in a university in the UK. It is important for the students to be aware that these requirements are subjective and can be different for different universities. 

Here are some of the important eligibility requirements that are considered mandatory to study in the UK:

Grade requirements: This is one of the most important requirements of all when it comes to studying in the UK. To be eligible for a bachelor’s degree, the applicants must have a high school grade of more than 60% and to be eligible for a master's degree, the applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree with a maximum of 60%

Entrance tests: Entrance tests are considered an important factor by which the universities measure the capabilities of students. Some of the important entrance tests that are considered by universities in the UK through the application process are GRE, GMAT, LNAT, and UKCAT

English Language Proficiency tests: English language tests are a part of any study abroad application process and the universities in the UK have this on their list of eligibility criteria as well. Some of the accepted language proficiency tests are IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Required documents: Paperwork is yet another mandatory requirement when it comes to studying in the UK. Some of the documents that are required are an acceptance letter from your university, a valid passport and student visa, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation (if required), and financial proof.


Intakes to study in the UK

The universities in the UK generally have three popular intakes for which international students can submit their application. Here are the most common intakes in the UK: 

September/Fall Intake: This intake begins during the month of September and is considered one of the intakes that receive the most applications. More than 80% of students who want to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK apply during this intake.  

January/ Winter Intake: This is the UK intake which has the second largest flow of intakes for students who want to study in the UK. This intake usually has fewer courses compared to the September intake. 
May/ Spring Intake: If any student missed any of the above two intakes, they can apply for this spring intake and choose their desired course. But the students also need to be aware that certain universities in the UK only accept selected students for this intake.

As a note of advice, we urge you to keep track of the application and deadlines for admissions to your desired universities to ensure you are ahead of other applicants who aspire to study in the UK!

Cost of Studying in the UK

As an international student, once you decide to study abroad, the amount of money you spend there during your studies plays an important role in determining your way of life. While studying in the UK, apart from the cost of education, there are a lot of other expenses that you need to be aware of. Here are some of those important types of expenses that you can come across while studying in the UK.

Type of Expense

Approximate monthly cost in GBP

Undergraduate tuition fees 

£22,200 (per year)

Postgraduate tuition fees 

£25,000 (per year)


London: £150

Rest of UK: £100




London: £150

Rest of UK: £80

Transportation (public)

£30- £40

Need a helping hand to sort out your cost of studying in the UK? Contact a counsellor at AECC for expert assistance and get your study abroad journey underway!

Scholarships in the UK for Thai students

A prestigious degree from a renowned university in the UK can add to your credibility among employers from around the world. Both the government and the top universities in the country provide international students with much-needed support in terms of finance and the cost of education. These scholarships in the UK are usually provided based on the needs and requirements of the students. Some of the important scholarships available in the UK for international students are as follows: 

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships: This scholarship is offered by the UK government in partnership with various commonwealth countries. This particular scholarship is available for eligible postgraduate students from commonwealth countries and covers various expenses such as the cost of education, living costs, travel costs, and so on. 
  1. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) International Studentships: Through UKRI, various scholarships and studentships for international students who are commencing their research-based postgraduate programs. This scholarship majorly covers expenses such as tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs. 
  1. GREAT Scholarships: The GREAT scholarship is an initiative where the British Council and the universities in the UK join together to provide scholarships for eligible postgraduate students from various countries, including Thailand. These scholarships essentially cover a student’s tuition fees or provide a fee reduction if necessary. 
  1. Chevening Scholarships to Study in the UK:The Chevening Scholarships, funded by the UK government, are prestigious awards accessible to students from various countries, including Thailand. Their primary goal is to foster upcoming leaders by offering the opportunity to pursue a one-year master's degree at a UK university. The application process for these scholarships is extremely competitive, with a strong emphasis on academic excellence, leadership potential, and the capacity to make a positive impact on society. To enhance your likelihood of success, it's essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, which might involve maintaining a minimum GPA and demonstrating proficiency in the English language.

Living and Studying in the UK for thai students

Living in the UK as an international student can be a life-changing experience. The country is home to some of the renowned universities in the UK that offer a diverse range of courses that are field-specific. Here are some of the key factors about living in the UK as an international student. 

  • The universities in the UK are known for their academic excellence, and every student will be getting access to world-class infrastructure, qualified instructors, and cutting-edge facilities. 
  • You cannot find a more culturally diverse country than the United Kingdom. Once you go to the UK for your higher education, you will be exposed to a whole new environment, and you will be getting to know a lot of people and gather new perspectives. 
  • From London to Edinburgh, Manchester to Oxford, the UK has so many places that can exhibit the rich history and vibrant culture of the country. Each city offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, providing various recreational activities to explore. 
  • Most universities in the UK have student communities where international students can turn to for support during their time in the UK. There are also various clubs and societies where students get to do other activities apart from education. 
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Post-study work opportunities in the UK

Once you complete your graduate education, the next step is to find the perfect job that can fuel your passion as well as pay you well. One of the reasons why the United Kingdom is among the top 3 study destinations is because of the great work opportunities that students get once they complete their graduate studies. 

Graduate Route

The graduate route program allows international students to stay and work in the UK once they have completed their education. International students who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies can stay and work in the country for up to two years, and PhD graduates can extend their stay up to three years in the country. 

Benefits of the graduate route 

  • Once you graduate, you can use the graduate route to work or look for a job at any level of your skill. 
  • There is no limit to the number of international students who can apply for the graduate route at the same time. 
  • In the span of having a graduate route, if you have found a suitable job in the UK, there is a possibility that you can extend your stay in the country for more than two to three years. 

Here are some of the in-demand jobs that are there in the UK and their approximate annual salary for each of them. 

Job title 

Approximate annual salaries in GBP

Software Engineer

£40,000 - £60,000

Data Analyst

£25,000 - £45,000

Registered Nurse

£24,000 - £38,000

Business Analyst

£35,000 - £55,000

Human Resource Director 


Software Engineer


Marketing Manager


Civil Engineer

£30,000 - £45,000

You can get more information or clarification on any of the above-mentioned topics by contacting experienced professionals aecc, who can give you the most recent information. We can offer you full support in any process you may need help with in your application to study in the UK. All of our services are offered for FREE.

Frequently asked questions

What do international students need to study in the UK?

To study in the UK as an international student, you will generally need the following:

  • Admission Offer: The student needs to have an offer of acceptance from a recognised UK educational institution (university or college) for the course they intend to pursue.
  • Student Visa: It is mandatory for the student to have a student visa (Tier 4 visa) from the UK government and to meet the visa requirements, including financial proof, English language proficiency, and health insurance coverage.
  • Financial Proof: International students must demonstrate that they have enough funds to cover their tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of their studies in the UK. The specific amount required may vary depending on the institution and course.
  • English Language Proficiency: Proof of evidence of the student’s English language proficiency through tests like IELTS or TOEFL is considered mandatory unless they are from an English-speaking country or have studied in English medium institutions.
  • Health Insurance: International students need to have health insurance coverage, either through the National Health Service (NHS) or a private insurance provider.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing: Some students may need to undergo TB testing, depending on their home country.

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