Job Opportunities in Canada for Thailand Students

Job Opportunities in Canada for Thailand Students

If you want to study in Canada, you'll have to be a little more lenient with your spending. It's not a brilliant idea, though, to give up on your ambition and future merely because of this. What's to stop you from taking a second job to supplement your income? It all seems lovely, don't you think? Here you know the Jobs in Canada for Thailand students.

Keeping up with the essentials may necessitate having to spend more money than expected. You might be hesitant to ask for extra money from your parents or sponsor. You may want to be more self-sufficient and provide for your family on your own. Therefore, you must study this post about Popular jobs in Canada for Thailand that pay students well. 

 Did You Know?

Canada is a popular study abroad destination for students from all over the world. More than 500,000 overseas students will be enrolled in a Canadian institution by 2020, according to IRCC.

The following are the top jobs in Canada for Thailand students. Each job listed below offers a good wage and flexible hours, and you could choose the one that best fits you! 

1. Teacher's Assistant ($15.65/hour) 

Many colleges and professors recruit teaching assistants (TAs) to help them with various responsibilities during the semester. Tutoring and assisting students, preparing lesson plans, and updating documentation and student grades are all possible tasks. Applicants are sometimes needed to have finished a year of university or college, be well organised, and have prior expertise in a specific subject. What is the most enjoyable aspect of becoming a TA? You are not required to leave campus. Keep in mind that you must not just keep up with the course you're assisting in teaching, but also with your own studies. While helping students with their midterms, you must also prepare for your own. 

2. Server or Bartender ($11.00/hour + tips)

The most frequent of the top occupations for students is waiter or bartender, owing to the flexible schedule it provides. However, it is more frequently than not necessary to work nights and weekends. While the hourly salary isn't the highest, servers and bartenders are compensated with tips. Depending on your sales, you may earn between $75.00 and $200.00 in tips every night, or perhaps more.

In Canada, the usual tipping rate is between 15% and 20%; however, tips vary according to the institution, time of day, any day of the week. However, if you opt to serve or bartend in a city with a significant student population, the business is likely busy on weekends. Yes, this means more work and potentially a longer night, but it also means good tips! 

3. Uber or Lyft Driver ($14.00–$25.58/hour) 

nBeing an Uber or Lyft driver is one of the most popular occupations available today for students (and many others). For those unfamiliar with Uber, it is a ridesharing firm that connects drivers and customers via a smartphone app.

To be an Uber driver, you must be 21 years old, have a reliable automobile, and have a smartphone. If you have all of these, you've found a fun career that you can work on whenever you choose! It's worth noting that the most popular times are early mornings, nights, and weekends.

If you live in a city with a high student population, you may earn a good living driving on weekends, much like a waiter or bartender. Of course, your salary is also determined by how frequently you drive. 

4. Tutor ($15.00–$20.00/hour) 

Do you have a particular area of interest? Do you love imparting knowledge to others? If you responded yes to both of these questions, tutoring might be right for you. You can tutor kids in elementary school, high school, university/college, and wherever in between. You can do this on your own or through a school-based tutoring programme. You will not only practice the abilities you currently have, but you will also learn new ones. You could perhaps discover something new! Maybe you'll find a passion for teaching.

The subject's character determines the remuneration. Some tutors make up to $50 per hour, more if the topic is challenging. If tutoring is of interest to you, it's best to do a little research to understand better the rate you should charge. 

5. Freelancer ($25.60/hour) 

A freelancer can work as a writer, web designer, graphic designer, and so on. You may work as a freelancer in almost any sector. Freelance Jobs in the creative industry may be quite lucrative. For the sake of time (and space), we will concentrate solely on freelance writing.

If you like writing or editing, this is an excellent career path for you. Not only do you get to choose the topic, but you also get to choose where you write, whether at home or somewhere, and when you write. If you have some free time between school tasks, why not put your abilities to use while also getting paid for them? This is a great way to gain experience and build your resume if you plan to have a career in writing. 

6. Nanny ($14.67/hour) 

Do you love working with children and have previous experience caring for them? If so, you might work as a part-time nanny. Many parents look for help with their children, whether it's getting them up from school, making meals, putting them to bed, or simply amusing them.

Hours are usually flexible, and there are times when you may focus on your assignments while the kids are napping. If you have CPR training, you have an even better chance of getting the job. The hourly wage may be substantially greater depending on your duties. 

7. Barista ($11.41/hour) 

Working at a coffee shop is a favourite pastime of many students! The atmosphere is pleasant, and who can say no to caffeine? Because of their flexible schedules, students are in high demand at coffee shops.

Many people believe that working as a barista does not pay well, and they are technically correct. However, if you choose to work at a firm like Starbucks, students receive outstanding benefits that may make working there worthwhile. 

8. Dog Walker ($14.16/hour) 

Is there anything better than getting paid to hang out and walk dogs? As some work on-call, being a dog walker may necessitate a bit more flexibility than other occupations. However, there isn't much of a time investment in general.

Regardless of the weather, you may be expected to walk a dog for 30 to 60 minutes. However, depending on your duties and the number of dogs you walk, you may be allowed to charge more. To supplement your income, try giving pet-sitting services while the owner is gone. 

9. Translator Jobs ($21.16/hour) 

If you know a second, third, or fourth language, you can utilise it as a translator! To work as a translator, you must speak, read, and write in a foreign language.

These extra abilities are necessary since you may be involved in supporting textual communication between persons, working on papers, and more. Jobs may be available in an organisation, or you may opt to work independently. 

10. Salesperson ($12.42–$50.00) 

If you enjoy talking to people, a career in sales may offer you the money and flexibility you need. Working as a salesperson also teaches you a wide range of transferrable skills.

However, your earnings are contingent on where you work. Some companies provide commission-based sales, which give you greater control over your payments. To put it simply, if you sell more, you make more—then it's easy! 

Want to know more about part-time work opportunities in Canada? Get in touch with us! Our expert consultants will guide you through the opportunities you can find in Canada! 


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