Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia for Students

Australia, a renowned study destination known for its dynamic cities, scenic beauty, and quality education, attracts a global audience. However, understanding the cost of living, including housing, food, transport, and healthcare, is crucial for prospective residents. If you are an international student aspirant who has your sights on studying at t...

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Cost Of Living in Australia Vs Canada

Cost Of Living in Australia Vs Canada

Home to some of the top international colleges and universities, Australia and Canada are the most preferred study abroad destinations among international students. Before you start your studies in your dream study destination, you must plan out your living expenses. If you are an international student, it is necessary to have minimum funding for y...

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Canada vs USA which is best country to study abroad

One of the most common yet biggest steps toward the future that people make is to shift to a different country for their education or work purposes. This especially takes a lot of thought process and research when it comes to a student deciding to pursue their higher education degree in another country. And when talking about the decision to study ...

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หลักสูตรของ TAFE สำหรับนักเรียนต่างชาติ

TAFE คืออะไร และทำไมจึงเป็นที่นิยมของนักเรียนไทย TAFE หรือ Technical and Further Education เป็นโปรแกรมการเรียนของรัฐบาลสำหรับนักเรียนที่จบระดับชั้นมัธยมปลายแล้ว  โปรแกรมการเรียนของ TAFE จะเน้นทักษะนักเรียนให้ตรงกับความต้องการของตลาดงาน สถาบัน TAFE ในฝั่ง Western Australia มีการสอนลักษณะ offline แต่มีหลายแห่งกำลังเตรียมการสอน online ในเร็วๆนี้ ...

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Minimum IELTS and TOEFL Requirement in USA Universities

ENGLISH - One of the universally accepted languages among the sets of top-notch universities in the world. These universities set up high standards for this language among their students. To meet these standards, students need to undergo certain English proficiency tests. The IELTS and the TOEFL are well-known exams that test the proficiency level ...

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Study English In Singapore - Here is Everything You Need to Know

Study English In Singapore - Here is Everything You Need to Know

Are you travelling from Thailand to Singapore for your higher education? Then you must be aware of the fact that English is one of the most common local languages there. Singapore is a country with an almost 80% English-speaking population. As an international student travelling from your home country all the way to Singapore, you might find it har...

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Popular Short Courses to Study in Singapore

A proper education is the base for an effective student life. Apart from the education you get from universities and institutions, there are new skills that need to be acquired to upgrade yourself with the technology. Learning new skills also involves enrolling for short courses. Short courses are one of the easiest ways to keep up with the technol...

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What are the preparations before study abroad

Leaving your homeland and travelling to another country to pursue your higher education is without a doubt one of the most adventurous things you can do as a student. It opens an array of new opportunities and experiences throughout your stay. This sure is a major change that you might have to go through as an individual, and requires a whole new w...

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All you need to know about the university enrollment process

Do you recall seeing terms like, "Enrol today!", and "Apply now!" when you were looking for a university for your higher studies? You're thinking, "Duh!", aren't you? As students, we all have come across these terms multiple times. But have you ever thought about all the work that goes behind enrolling in a university program and how beneficial it ...

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The Future of AI Education and the Skills Students Need for a Career in AI

The AI industry has shattered the long-held belief that significant change can only occur gradually and in phases. Six months since the launch of ChatGPT 3, hundreds of AI tools have flooded the market at an astonishing pace. It seems developers have been eagerly waiting for an AI tool to test the waters first. If you are a student who has been cur...

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Total Guide: University Grading System in Australia

Total Guide: University Grading System in Australia

University grading system varies across countries. If you are an international student in Australia and have completed a course already, you must have observed a difference in the grading system between your home country and Australia. But, you may want to note that the grading system is not the same across Australia. Being a vast country, each of ...

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Top High Paying Jobs in Australia

Planning to work and settle abroad? Then Australia would be an ideal destination. Australia's job market offers a huge plethora of job opportunities for skilled international students in various industries. Each year, international students contribute about $32 billion to Australia's economy and sustain 130,000 Australian jobs. And, fortunately, th...

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Why do you need an Educational Consultant to Study Abroad?

Done with your research? Had a chat with your friends abroad? Attended a lot of university fairs? Yet you are finding it extremely difficult to choose the right university or the course? And that's where the need for an educational consultant to help you make the best educational choices. Let's have a look at why you need an educational consultant ...

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A comprehensive guide on how to calculate your GPA

As a student, some of the things that keep you motivated could be your grades and how invested you are with your academic performance. Measuring your academic scores and grades are something that you need to do on a daily basis to keep track of your progress. An individual student's calibre is determined by their grades and marks, and this helps th...

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UK Universities that Accept Low GPA for Masters

Are you dreaming of a UK Master's degree but stressing over your GPA? Worry not! This blog has got your back with a list of universities in the UK that accept low GPAs. The UK is the best country when it comes to diverse educational opportunities. Now, let's address the primary question: Can you really study in the UK with a not-so-ideal GPA? Many ...

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Top 5 Best Business Schools in Switzerland

When we talk about Switzerland a lot of nice things come to mind. A picturesque view covered with snow, delicious chocolates, fancy watches, cutleries, and business schools. Wait, what? Business schools? Yes, you read that right! Switzerland has some of the best business schools in Europe and some are even the top business schools worldwide. The co...

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A Popular Choice of Students wanting to Study Abroad - Curtin, Singapore

Singapore is a country that has been constantly rising as a popular destination for international students. Known for its diverse culture, world-class education, and vibrant city life, the island nation offers a unique experience for those seeking to study abroad. With its highly developed infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and progressive ap...

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Top 4 Reasons To Study MBA in Malaysia

We all have that one friend who makes life hard for us by being so picky in everything that they want, be it as simple as picking a restaurant to dine in. While their slow decision-making can sometimes get on our nerves, being very cautious about your choices will actually help you a lot when you are making certain major life decisions. The decisio...

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This Is How You Study in Australia to Get Permanent Residency

The place where we live says a lot about the kind of lifestyle we have. Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and every year this country is swamped with international students who want to pursue higher education. And most people, after the completion of their studies, decide to migrate to Australia and become perma...

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Everything You Need to Know About Master’s In Australia

Studying a master's degree kickstarts your career by providing you with a strong foundation in your chosen field of study. Knowledge is power and upgrading it through a master's degree only enhances your skills for the better. After the completion of your undergraduation, pursuing a master's is the next practical step in order to upgrade yourself. ...

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