Masters Degree In UK: How to choose the right University?

Masters Degree in the UK

So you’re done with your Bachelors Degree.
Now, what next?
A job? Perhaps, a Masters Degree in an esteemed University?
But, where?
We got you dreaming now, didn't we?


Canada's new 2 Stage Study-permit approval process

The Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino introduced some important visa approval plans for international students earlier last week. The International students who cannot submit all of the required documentation, can utilise this new procedure.


Top 5 Universities in New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand

There are umpteen number of universities across the world for you to study at, which can help you garner the global recognition you deserve. The Universities in New Zealand certainly fit the bill and studying here will heavily impact your future. 


UK hosts first set of students on campus after COVID - 19

While studying on campus still appears to be a far fetched dream for many international students, “The University of Nottingham” in the UK has paved the way for the first set of international students to resume their study at the University. The veterinary students from the University are now back on campus to begin their study programmes.


How beneficial are ANU's new scholarship schemes?

With all the esteemed Universities coming up with new scholarships to help international students, The Australian National University has stepped up with some beneficial financial aids too. To begin with, “The Chancellor’s International” scholarship is offered to 200 top-performing students wishing to study at the university in the first semester of 2021. The students will be offered a discounted tuition fee if eligible.


New Beneficial Scholarships for International Students - USQ

The University of Southern Queensland has introduced valuable scholarships for international students to help them achieve their study goals. The scholarships are based on meeting the entry requirements for the programs of study and successfully passing all courses within the program.


Top 5 Cities to Study in the UK

Study in the UK!

Home to some of the oldest universities, the UK’s sophisticated education system dates back to the 12th century. 

The UK is the largest empire in history and is now the most sought after study destination. With its rich history and culture, the United Kingdom is without a doubt one of the best places to study in the world.


UK promises post-work study visa for International students

The UK government has confirmed that the International students will be eligible to apply for their post-study work visa after graduating, provided they are back onshore by April 2021. This means that those students completing their degrees soon will be provided with an extended time to work in the country rather than having to apply for the expensive Tier -2 visas.


Australia to recommence granting visas to International students

The Australian Government on Monday initiated a set of new VISA arrangements that entirely benefits the International students. The government has decided to recommence issuing visas outside Australia as soon as possible. Furthermore, the students will be able to lodge for their visa extension for free.


La Trobe University

Top-Rated globally

La Trobe is in the top 1.1% of universities worldwide.

One of only six Australian universities to be rated at five stars in eight categories – the maximum number possible.


The US Govt permits the stay of students, reverses its earlier policy

With more than 60,000 international students currently residing in just Texas, the US government had earlier announced that the international students on F-1 and M-1 visas have to deport if they had registered exclusively only for online programs. Interestingly, the US government has agreed to reverse its policy as of today to benefit the students and their Universities.


Supportive Study Away schemes to help International students

Cornwell University has come up with a unique scheme to provide students worldwide with the experience of studying at Cornell by setting up local campuses in their respective countries. The University has promised to set up well equipped local campuses across the world with access to educational course materials and more.


Exclusive 50% scholarship on online courses

The Le Cordon Bleu University in Australia is offering 50% off on regular tuition fees to all the students who are willing to take up any New Higher Education certification courses online.


Students ambassadors lend helping hand online

Educators in Australia have come up with an innovative idea to encourage international students to continue pursuing their studies online for now. With COVID -19 disrupting the study abroad plans of many international students; Universities had begun introducing temporary online classes.


International students can resume English studies in Ireland NOW

The Irish government has come up with measures to support the international language students by providing for an automatic two-month renewal of any study visas due to expire between 20 May and 20 July.


QS reports students eagerness to study abroad

A piece of uplifting news for educational institutions across the world is that the international students are longing to begin their study abroad, especially in 2020 and the coming 2021. As a consequence of the pandemic, they are willing to take up online courses, however only temporarily.


Top 5 Study Destinations in Australia

Study in Australia

The Education system in Australia is immensely recognized on a global scale. That being said, Australia being considered as the third most sought after study destination shouldn’t come as a major surprise. It ranks 8th in the Universities 2019 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.


Top Reasons to Study Abroad in the UK and Australia

Reasons to Study abroad in UK and Australia

Known for their high-class education and being one of the finest places to live today, it is no surprise that the United Kingdom and Australia are the leading and third-leading study destinations for Thais, respectively.


Top 7 Tips on Preparing for IELTS Exam

Preparing for IELTS

Things have come to a standstill due to the pandemic and a lot of test centers are temporarily closed. 

However, under these circumstances, to help you stay on your toes, IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) has introduced their very own IELTS indicator test.


How to get Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Scholarships in Australia

Australia, the third most popular destination to pursue your higher education, is certainly living up to the highest expectations. 

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