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The best way to learn English is to do it in a country where it is spoken as a first language, and what better place to do so than in Australia, a nation that is both culturally and economically rich? Australia is a popular study abroad country for international students. The key is in its top-notch higher education and excellent standard of living.

The opportunity to study English in Australia helps you to internalize the language much more than courses we can find in our home countries where English is not the primary language and where our career and/or school commitments prevent us from practicing it full time.

From purchasing a bus ticket to traveling to class or shopping, you will be using what you see and learn in class every day to practice your English in writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

However, why do we think studying English in Australia is superior? The fact that Australia is a multicultural nation and is regarded as one of the most diverse and hospitable nations in the world is remarkable. You might share with people of different nations around the corner because nearly half of its population was born outside of that country. The many surprises in Australia go well beyond all these amazing things. Why you should study English in Australia is supported by a plethora of factors.

Australia continues to offer the best higher education in the world. It makes sense why it has one of the highest pre-pandemic student needs. It is a popular vacation spot for anyone and the best English education, however, is the icing on the cake.

The majority of Australian universities are home to highly qualified English instructors that have both education and expertise. Additionally, you can guarantee that your education adheres to a high quality. Australia, for instance, has a national regulating body that keeps an eye on English language programs. It guarantees top-notch instruction at all universities in Australia.

Their teaching methodology emphasizes critical thinking, as well as group and project work, all of which are based on real-world experiences. As a result, you won't just learn the language; you'll also learn how to utilize it in daily life.

You will learn a wide variety of life skills studying English in Australia that you cannot learn at home. You will use these skills for the rest of your life, including problem-solving, managing a diverse team of employees, and using English in practical settings. You will learn the language of the world in a truly international setting thanks to the multicultural mix of pupils in our educational facilities.

No matter where you study the English language maintains a consistently high standard. You can be sure that you're receiving the best English education possible thanks to stringent national standards and a strong, industry-led quality support structure.

Let's now discuss the different kinds of English courses provided by Australian universities.

Australia provides a variety of English courses to meet different educational demands. The findings of a variety of English language testing companies are accepted in Australia and other countries

Standard English

If your objective is to increase your general proficiency so that you can enroll in higher-level courses, as well as to enhance your English so that you can travel, work, or do part-time employment in an English-speaking nation. You can opt for standard English courses available to students from top universities in Australia.

Speaking and listening skills are stressed in this communication skills course.

English for Academic Purposes

English for academic purposes (EAP), also referred to as Intellectual English, involves teaching students how to utilize language appropriate for academic pursuits, typically in a higher education setting. It is one of the most widely used varieties of English for particular uses (ESP). In Australia, TAFE offers a similar program.

An EAP program concentrates instruction on the abilities needed to succeed in an academic environment where English is the primary language across the key subject areas typically found in a university setting.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

A subset of English as a second or foreign language is English for Specific Purposes (ESP). It typically refers to imparting English language instruction with emphasis on the specific vocabulary and skills needed by university students or those in the workforce. A given ESP course will concentrate on one industry or profession, such as technical English, scientific English, English for medical professionals, and many more, as with any language taught for specialized objectives. The objective is to gain the spoken and written English skills necessary for a certain situation and perhaps want to consider an internship.

English for Teaching

Most teachers need a teaching degree whether they want to work as English teachers in their own country or in Australia. To teach in Australia, you need a bachelor's degree plus TEFL certification if you don't have a teaching degree. Therefore, you can enroll in these classes in Australia to receive the greatest English instruction accessible. In Australia, teachers make between $2,500 and $4,000 per month on average.

English language and culture will be introduced to international students who come to Australia to learn English. Australia is pleased with its English Language Intensive Courses for International Students' standing and high standards (ELICOS).

So who provides ELICOS?

Secondary schools, TAFE facilities, universities, private colleges, and specialized English language facilities all provide ELICOS courses. These programs are made to assist students in improving their English language abilities so they can integrate completely into Australian culture. ELICOS courses are an excellent approach for overseas students to improve their English language abilities so that they may either achieve their institution's English language standards or simply gain confidence in their English skills before starting their studies. Many organizations that partner with English language schools will "bundle" English language preparation courses with higher education or vocational programs.

The length of courses offered by institutions can range from four weeks to 48 weeks, and they are designed to meet all learning needs. They also offer

  • Standard English
  • Using English in academic contexts
  • English preparation for secondary school
  • Special-purpose English (English for Business, for example)
  • preparing for the IELTS and TOEFL tests
  • programs that include other extracurricular activities for Cambridge exam preparation and many more

If you're curious about the cost of taking these courses in Australia. It can't be that pricey, We're sure. The cost of English language instruction begins at around $300 AUD per week. These statistics were obtained in 2020 from the Study in Australia website run by the Australian government. It is crucial to confirm with the appropriate supplier because ELICOS charges vary greatly based on the length of the course and the institution.

Well, these English courses have entry requirements to admit international students, just like the other courses in Australia. All ELICOS students who are traveling to Australia on a student visa must enroll full-time. The entry requirements for English language courses vary depending on their level; some are designed for beginners, while others call for more advanced English language abilities. There isn't much but you should confirm the institution's entry requirements.

Now that you're convinced that enrolling in English classes in Australia is your perfect idea. Why not act right away? Additionally, to get a comprehensive list of English courses offered by Australian universities, visit AECC Course Search and find courses that meet your interests, contact one of our expert counselors to stay on top of the game.

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