Top Finance Universities in Canada for International Students

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Did you know that in previous year, Canada welcomed over 400,000 overseas students to study finance and budgeting at the undergraduate and graduate levels?

That's right. You read that correctly. One of the reasons to study finance in Canada is that it is the most educated country in the world. For a variety of reasons like a strong economy, high-quality education, pleasant people, and multiculturalism, a large number of students choose Canada as their study destination. Being an international student in Canada provides avenues for permanent residence and work visas in the country, which is one of the main reasons to study finance or any other degree in Canada. But why specifically Finance degrees? Here's the answer to it.

Finance is unquestionably ingrained in our daily lives. Every company places a premium on financial management and revenue because they are one of the driving forces behind growth and improvement. Many finance courses and a viable possibility to learn and create a career with world-class professors and infrastructure are available to international students at top Canadian universities. Canada welcomes students from all walks of life and ethnicities without prejudice, and five of the world's top 100 institutions are based in the country, providing world-class education and professional financial courses to its students.

Universities in Canada give students comprehensive knowledge through all of their finance courses. Students interested in studying and understanding economic trends, financial markets, assets, liabilities, and investments choose finance programs in Canada. The study's goal is to help government and commercial businesses make better financial decisions. A degree in finance from Canada's best institutions typically lasts between 12 and 20 months. 

Students with graduate degrees in finance can pursue careers like financial analysts, investment bankers, tax advisers, financial managers, and others. The average annual salary after completion of the Finance program in Canada ranges around 123,000 CAD per annum. The degree in particular also provides a beneficial ROI with the typical pay of an analyst working in both banking and non-banking industries and also delivers a good return on investment.

Students who take up undergraduate or postgraduate finance courses in Canada can learn how to plan, budget, and analyze the finances of businesses, banks, and other financial institutions. A finance graduate might earn an average of $103,376 in 2020, and these figures have only risen in recent years. From security analysts, market intelligence analysts, and bank managers to financial analysts, the list goes on and on for the career options for finance students.

Universities in Canada also encourage students who are studying in Canada to take up internships in their terminal semesters to gain experience and a real-time understanding of the industry. Taking up an internship while pursuing your degree also increases your chances of getting employed.

Okay, now that you are convinced that taking up a finance degree in Canada is the best bet.

The next stage is to conduct research and make a list of the specifics of professional finance courses, university choices, housing, and other important components needed.

To begin with, Almost all universities in Canada and even colleges provide strong finance courses, but few of them offer even better finance courses that have a lot more in-depth knowledge and an analytical approach. So, to make things easier for you, we at AECC Global have put together a comprehensive list of the top finance universities and institutions in Canada.

Top Finance Universities and Colleges in Canada 

S. No University
1Brock University
2Yorkville University
3University of Windsor
4York University
5Saskatchewan Polytechnic
6Lambton College
7Langara College
8Bow Valley College
9NorQuest College
10Conestoga College of Applied Arts And Technology
11Centennial college

This isn't all. There's a long list of others. Suppose you want to learn more about the top finance universities in Canada. All you have to do now is contact one of our expert counsellors and begin your academic adventure. Now is the time to contact AECC Global.

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