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Universities in New Zealand

There are umpteen number of universities across the world for you to study at, which can help you garner the global recognition you deserve. The Universities in New Zealand certainly fit the bill and studying here will heavily impact your future. 

Here is where achievers like the doctor Beryl Howie, the father of Nuclear Physics: Ernest Rutherford and even Nobel Prize winner Alan Mc Diarmid, spent their lives honing their skills and fulfilling their passion. 

If you want to join this prestigious club of achievers, read on to know more about New Zealand’s top Universities.

1. University of Auckland - #1 in New Zealand

Not just large in terms of its size but also in term of its global reputation, the University of Auckland ranks #1 in New Zealand.

It’s 16 hectare City Campus stands tall with its historic landmarks and high-quality education. The university’s symbol – a 56 meter clock tower – housed all Arts departments, Architecture, Music, Law and the Library as well as the University Hall.

The University does not only have a rich history but also an affluent educational environment. Some of their notable alumni include Niki Caro, Lowell Gaddard, Jan Beagle to name a few. These graduates had the option to pursue various courses including Law, Business, Arts, and Science.

To make your study abroad journey lighter, the University of Auckland offers many scholarship awards for international students. Some of these include, John Tinline Prize in English, Faculty of Arts Doctor Scholarship and Seiichi Waki Prize.

Furthermore, as a push for you who are trying to mark their place in the job market, the University’s Career Development and Employability Services (CDES) offers their support as well. 

They have assigned an International Career Development Consultant to help you transition from studying to working.

With the support, motivation and over 200+ clubs and societies for you to join, this is a great place to pursue your study abroad goals!

2. The University of Otago - A Five Star plus host

Ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world, ought to be enough evidence of the University’s global standing. To add to this, The University of Otago has the highest rating, 5 Star Plus, in the QS rankings for University performance.

There are so many courses to explore and with the University of Otago known as New Zealand’s top educational performer, your choice is certain to be worthwhile.

You can explore over a 100 subjects such as Community Health care, Engineering, Energy Science and Management, International Business, and more. 

With a high demand for entry into the University of Otago, you can boost your chances by applying for scholarships offered by the university to support international students. Some of the scholarships you can avail are, The Elizabeth Jean Trotter 400-level Scholarship in Biomedical SciencesBee Nilson AwardE Rewa Begg Scholarship, etc. 

When talking about research, The University of Otago’s research groups continually work to bring on development and innovation into the world. The University’s centres associated with the  ‘Center of Research Excellence (CoRE)’ works to advance the economy and social development of New Zealand. The National Science Challenges focuses on a more scientific and strategic approach to benefit the country. There are more areas for you to explore, which are covered by the 12 formally recognized research centres in the University.

A piece of trivia. If you love reading and could spend hours studying or reading in a library, then congratulations to you! Because, the University of Otago’s library is rated the 13th best library in the world.

This is just a gist of the best features of this top University, and studying in New Zealand would be just great! A bonus is the return on investment. Your time, finance and energy invested into studying here proves to be worthwhile when considering that 95% of their graduates go directly into working or further study.

3. The University of Canterbury - Proving Old is Gold

Established in 1873, the University of Canterbury is New Zealand’s oldest yet one of today’s top globally recognized universities.

There are a variety of courses for you to explore ranging from Arts, to Engineering, to Business Management. The university has nurtured graduates, some of whom include actor Sam Neil, Google’s Engineering Director Craig-Nevill Manning.

Their academic excellence has a global reach and such is their reputation, that the university attracts world class lecturers to teach and share their knowledge. The UC’s Eriksen Program alone garners upto 75 distinguished academics to give lectures. Previously, Nobel Prize winners Emeritus Professor Bob Grubbs and Clive Granger were included. 

To make your journey easier financially, international students can avail scholarships. Some of the scholarships available include UC College of Engineering International ScholarshipsUC Product Design Scholarship, University of Canterbury Alumni Scholarship, and more.

You can engage with some of the best researchers and be guided into doing what you are passionate about. The research conducted is highly exceptional that the University of Canterbury was awarded a 5 star ranking for its research and excellence. 

4. Massey University - The Engine of New Zealand

Known for embracing diversity,ground-breaking research and their academic excellence, Massey University is rightfully known as New Zealand’s national university.

Established in 1927, this university’s academia has soared over the years and has earned a reputation globally. There are a variety of courses students can explore such as, Business, Humanity and Social Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Agriculture, etc. 

Massey University is known for its Agricultural program, which is the highest in New Zealand and ranked 19th globally. On top of that, this university is the only university in New Zealand to offer degrees in nanoscience, aviation, veterinary medicine and dispute resolution

A global nod to their veterinary expertise is the accreditation the university received from the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

What’s more is that Massey University promotes innovative research which has led to the university hosting two of the seven Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE). This is also supported by the New Zealand government.

To help students financially, Massey University offers many scholarships. Some of them are the, ‘New Zealand Scholarship – for Pacific, Asian, African, Caribbean and Latin American countries’, Massey Business School International Student Study Awards, NZIDRS, and more. 

5. Auckland University of Technology - The Millennial to look out for

Established as a University in 2000, AUT is up to date with modern technology that Times Higher Education has ranked it as the top millennial university in Australasia and 14 in the world.

As a part of the 1% Universities in the world, AUT motivates students and allows them to explore new technologies, be an entrepreneur, and find new methods to solve problems.

There are many courses a student can explore such as applied sciences, business, art and design, computer and information sciences, hospitality, and more. 

AUT’s Business school is rated as one of the top Business schools by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International.

Students receive high-class education and this has been accredited by the five-star rating they have received for Teaching, Research, Internationalisation, Facilities, Innovation and Inclusiveness, and Employability. 

AUT provides great opportunities for research. Marine biology, radio astronomy, public health and economics are some of the key research areas the university focuses on. AUT works hard towards providing solutions, creating opportunities, and products to contribute to the global economy.

The University has been ranked #1 in New Zealand for their contribution to research on a global scale.

To lighten the financial burden, AUT offers scholarships such as the AUT International Excellence ScholarshipsPrime Minister’s Pacific Youth Awards – Arts & Creativity AwardZonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowships– New Zealand and more.

Begin your High-class education journey

Being one of the top destinations to study at, New Zealand is a great place to begin your study abroad journey. You have many opportunities and areas to explore, not just at the top Universities mentioned above, but even other educational institutions.

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