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Working in the UK

Vodafone? Barclays? HSBC? Well, they are only a few of the enormous companies that people aspire to work for. 

With the recently introduced post study work rights by the UK Government you can set your ambitions high, rest assured you can achieve them. 

According to the UK’s Labour Force Survey estimates from December 2019 to February 2020, the employment rate achieved a record of 76.6%, 0.4 percentage points higher than the previous year which was at 0.2.

The growth in employment is a silver lining to an otherwise bleak set of months this year. With employment in mind, there is now a concrete reason as to why international students can hope to pursue their studies in the UK. The nation has also taken steps to help them achieve their dreams. 

Read on to learn about the post-study work rights one holds as an international student studying in the UK.

The Announcement in 2019

Being the main contributor to a fast-growing economy, the country was set to increase the intake of international students with the following strategy. 

In 2019 they announced the launch of a post-study working route that will enable students to reap the benefits of study abroad in the UK. The Government had announced an extension of the Post-study work rights visa from four months to two years! 

Efforts were made to bring this good news to light, as only 6% of the international students were aware of this change (according to a QS Survey).  

This new PSW is good news for students who have successfully graduated at an undergraduate level or above. They should have completed the degree at a UK HEI (Higher Education Institution) which has a proven ‘track record’ in maintaining immigration checks.

 International students can rest assured knowing that beginning their educational journey from the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector will be worthwhile, as they now can improve their career prospects with the new PSW.

Establishing The Graduation Route

In light of the pandemic, the country has taken the necessary steps to ensure a proper rollout of the Graduate Route Scheme. As a part of the country’s consideration, this scheme covers students who began their studies online in the 2020/2021 academic year as well.

Currently, international students who are unable to travel can begin their course from home without a Tier-4 student visa. So, when international students are confident to travel, they can apply for their Tier-4 student visa. Moreover, those whose applications are successful, can stay and work in the UK for two years – three years for PhD

Furthermore, students can extend their stay with a skilled worker visa and then return to the UK via the Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Route or another non-sponsored route, after working overseas for a particular duration.

The Government has not given a time limit on the number of post-graduate courses offered to international students, provided they are progressing academically. 

For The Exceptionally Talented

Because of the insight into international talent and professional skills, the UK is now open to welcoming highly-skilled international workers to come to the UK without a job offer!

This is what the Global Talent Scheme is all about and acts as a massive opportunity for the exceptionally talented to fast track their route to achieve their ambitions. 

Expected to roll out in 2021, this scheme replaces the Exceptional Talent of Tier 1 Visa route. For the first time ever, the new scheme will gain endorsements from the scientific and research community, for those researchers, top scientists and mathematicians from abroad.

How Exactly Does This Help YOU?

If you were ever frustrated with how things had seemed to be going over the past few months, guess what? The big wait has finally paid off! 

The finalizing of the Graduate Route Scheme and the Global Talent Scheme serves the purpose of giving hope to those who want to establish themselves in the UK. 

If you are successful on the Graduate Route, you can stay, search for work opportunities, and of course be working in your desired industry for two years or three years (PhD graduates). An important point to note is the concession made for those students, who can’t travel due to the restrictions imposed.

If you require more information or any guidance, contact us! We at AECC Global are happy to help you achieve your overseas education dreams as always.

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