How to Find Part-time Jobs in Melbourne?

How to Find Part-time Jobs in Melbourne?

Wondering how to find part-time job in Melbourne while studying? 

Melbourne is just not a great destination to study but also has good part-time job options for students. You may work part-time or casually as an international student in Melbourne to gain work experience or just to earn a few extra bucks to help you with your lifestyle expenses. International students can spend up to 40 hours working every two weeks and full-time throughout their semester holidays while studying.

Everyone working in Australia gets the same legal and protective rights. Melbourne offers the best employment conditions and stipends for international students who are studying in Australia working part-time. Make sure that you find a job that is convenient for you, one that is located on or near your campus or in your local area.

Firstly, you'll need a résumé before you can start looking for jobs. Many universities have a careers service that can help you write and format a professional résumé that lists your education, skills, interests, and previous employment experience. It's important that your résumé is error-free, so make sure you have proof checked at least two times before you begin looking for work.

Once you have a perfect resume in your hands it is time to look out for jobs that suit your strengths!

Here are few tips to help you find part-time job in Melbourne:

  • You can take your resume to a nearby shopping centre and hand it into stores. Ask the manager if there are any open positions. If not, leave your resume with them to be considered for future openings. It is necessary that you look presentable as we all know that the first impression is the best impression.
  • To find a job vacancy, search the 'careers' section of company websites. Many of these websites will allow you to apply online.
  • You can look for part-time jobs in the preferred locations by using a job search website. Search websites such as Seek, MyCareer, CareerOne, and ApplyDirect are the most popular ones in Australia.
  • Your university may also have a career service that lists available part-time employment that may put you in touch with businesses or companies that may provide you with a part-time job.

Here are few part-time jobs with an average monthly salary:

Part-time JobAverage Monthly Salary
Retail jobs$4,112
Child Caretaker$3,859
Food delivery jobs$4,144

Melbourne offers a plethora of part-time jobs for international students. If you follow the above-given tips with a well-done resume, it wouldn't be that hard for you to find the right part-time job.

Have more doubts on how you can find part-time job in Melbourne that suits you the best? Connect with us right away and get all your doubts cleared!


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