Top High Paying Jobs in Australia

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Planning to work and settle abroad? Then Australia would be an ideal destination. Australia's job market offers a huge plethora of job opportunities for skilled international students in various industries. Each year, international students contribute about $32 billion to Australia's economy and sustain 130,000 Australian jobs. And, fortunately, there are many jobs in many industries in Australia that provide high wages.

If you are looking to study in Australia and establish your career, here is a list of a few high-paying jobs. 

Finance Director

A Finance Director holds a leadership position in an organization and is responsible for the firm's finances. This position may entail formulating and executing strategic financial plans for the organization, profit, and loss analysis, directing a finance team, and financial planning. For the work, a thorough understanding of financial management, business, and accounting is required.

Average Salary: $166,068/ year

IT Project Manager

IT experts have never been more significant in a world that is continuously growing and largely reliant on technology. Project managers must be rapid, well-organized individuals who can keep up with the ever-changing concepts and innovations. This position, in particular, needs individuals who can efficiently manage the development and maintenance of computer systems, as well as manage other members of their team to achieve desired results.

Average Salary: $143,615/ year

General Surgeon

Surgeons and medical practitioners are highly specialized doctors who evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients who may need surgery. With an expert understanding of internal medicine, they take a leadership role in the surgery room to guarantee that the doctors and nurses involved can work together as a team to treat the patient.

Average Salary: $160,000/year

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Data Scientist

A career as a Data Scientist may be ideal for you if you enjoy numbers, solving complicated problems, and analyzing large amounts of data. Data Scientists analyze components of a business using analytics, modeling, statistics, and computer science. The analyzed data is subsequently used within a firm to boost revenue, gain a better understanding of customers, and make operational decisions.

Average Salary: $92,450/year

System Architect

With today's workplaces and institutions relying so largely on technology for day-to-day operations, having an effective, dependable IT network is vital for productivity. That's when a System Architect comes in. A System Architect is responsible for the architecture of not only each individual computer system but also the entire network within an organization. A System Architect must have mastered computer systems and networks.

Average Salary: $120,668/year


Anaesthetists are medical professionals who have undergone extensive training in order to administer anaesthetic to patients prior to surgery or treatment. Anaesthetists' salaries will continue to rise as they work and develop experience as internal medicine experts.

Average Salary: $192,816/year 


If you care about assisting people with their mental health issues, a career as a psychiatrist may be perfect for you. A psychiatrist is a medical practitioner who assesses and treats mental health problems in patients. Psychiatrists employ their psychological skills to better comprehend patients' needs, with the added benefit of being able to prescribe medicine and admit patients to a hospital if necessary.

Average Salary$125,762/year

Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Engineers are high-paid professionals working behind the scenes to protect organizations and individuals from hacking, data theft, and other online risks, which should come as no surprise. To work as a Cyber Security Engineer, you must first complete a Bachelor's degree in cybersecurity or an undergraduate degree in IT or computer science before enrolling in a postgraduate cybersecurity program. Jobs in this industry are projected to have consistent development and growing demand as a result of the widespread reliance on safe access to devices and the internet, therefore they are well worth pursuing as a professional career.

Average Salary: $95,000/year

Mining Engineers

Mining is Australia's largest industry, so it's no wonder that mining engineers and workers have made it onto our list of high-paying careers. Mining engineers play a key role in the design, evaluation, and oversight of the mining process, from the initial planning stages to the ongoing construction and safe operation of mines.

Average Salary: $120,001/year


Lawyers are among the best-paid professionals in Australia. In Australia, lawyers might work for the government, for the public good, or for themselves. Firms and legal departments are seeking to hire new lawyers, which is driving up demand for lawyers. Corporate law, litigation, privacy, data security, and information law are the most promising practice areas in the future.

Average Salary$124,759/year

Before choosing your career, make sure that you have considered your qualification, skills you are an expert in, and your personal choices.Want to know more about job opportunities in Australia? Contact us now! Our expert counselors will answer all your questions



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