When students should apply to study aboard in UK

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Applying to study abroad in UK - when is the best time?

Time. It’s often defined as the essence to encourage people to move forward and quicker in life. 

This definition couldn’t be more suited to the situation right now. The UK, being the most sought after destination among Thai students, has currently exceeded expectations of student entries during the pandemic.

Timing is everything, and considering the continued progress in the country at the moment, there is no better time to apply to study abroad in UK.

Read on to understand the continuous progress the UK has been making to keep up with the needs of international students during the pandemic situation. 

The major news of the year - the vaccine

The major news of the year - the vaccine

The news about the COVID-19 vaccine was the breakthrough that people were waiting for. To the education sector, it meant one important thing and that is, international students can now look to study abroad, face-to-face.

After many meticulous trials, along with great anticipation for a vaccine, the UK has emerged as the first country in the western world to authorize a COVID-19 vaccine.

Access to the vaccine opens the door, much sooner than expected, for international students to book their ticket to the UK. The UK Government has made the vaccine accessible to  international students, just as how healthcare is accessible to them.

In an openly penned letter to the international students, universities minister Michelle Donelan, has expressed the government’s expectations over higher education providers ensuring proper movement of international students and their well-being.

This comes at a time when according to a recent QS survey, over a fifth of international students (21%) have said they want to take their international study plans forward as soon as possible.

With the vaccine and providence of the UK Government, plans to study in UK seem to be coming to fruition.

Your Post Study Work rights

Post Study Work

The Graduate Route Scheme rolled out by the UK Government offers a beam of hope for international students, even for those who began their 2020/2021 academic year online.

According to the Scheme, students with the Tier-4 student visa can now stay and work in the UK for two years (three years for PhD), in place of the previously assigned duration of four months. This is a golden opportunity for students, and this change plays a huge role from the academic year 2020-2021.

After working for a particular duration, students can extend their stay with a skilled worker visa and then return to the UK via the Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Route or any other non-sponsored route.

You can learn more about your post study work rights here.

The main attraction for students right now!

The main attraction for students right now

The UK’s promptness in guiding and taking care of their students, both international and domestic, is finally reaping the benefits. According to the research conducted and compiled by Navitas in September, the UK has earned the highest rank, amongst international students, for being an ‘open and welcoming’ country by international students. 

Although the UK is just one among the safer and more stable countries in view of the pandemic, it is definitely the most open and welcoming country to international students, which is apparently the more important title to top. 

The way the UK has handled the pandemic crisis and especially the attitude exhibited towards international students has really played a role in the earning of this ranking.

In fact, as per the  Universities and College Admissions Services (UCAS), the UK universities are excited over the 9% increase in the number of undergraduate students from outside the UK and the EU starting this fall. To top this, these applicants do not even include those postgraduate ones sent directly to the universities.

So, there is only one question remaining. If not now, then when? The UK has an abundance of opportunities to be explored and tapped into. We at AECC Global Thailand are here to help you make the best of them and excel towards your career goals.


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