5 benefits of Studying Nursing in the UK


Although the COVID-19’s transmission rate has been on the low for the past one month, the need for medicinal professionals is still on the rise and demand continues. Every day, the spectacular service of nurses and other healthcare professionals to bring back people’s lives to normalcy has made the medicine career as the most revered profession across the globe.

Students aspiring to become a nurse can sense the responsibility of the profession during the pandemic, and also the level of expertise required to help people seamlessly. The nursing profession is not only about saving lives and helping others but is also a career of passion and empathy.

If you want to pursue a nursing course abroad, the UK is extremely rewarding. Want to know more about studying nursing in the UK? Well then, here are the 5 undeniable reasons to study nursing in the UK.

1. Diverse Academic Options

As per the Nursing Times, the UK houses many top-notch universities in the world to help international students study a wide range of nursing courses. In fact, 100+  institutions in the UK offer 500+ nursing courses to help achieve students’ dreams of becoming a nurse.

A nursing degree typically lasts for 4 years, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing. International students are provided with diverse academic options, right from tutorials to lectures and practical sessions. Besides, studying nursing in the UK is the apt option to choose from 4 prominent nursing fields such as learning disability nursing, adult nursing, mental health nursing and children’s nursing. Many universities even allow dual majors for international students to study in UK.

2. A Secured Career

One of the primary reasons for studying a nursing course in the UK is owing to the quality of education. In case you have been trying to choose a destination from developed countries, the UK can be the best option for you because the UK government is currently facing a shortage of nursing professionals. The universities in the UK have been keenly focusing on resolving this issue in many possible ways.

This scenario allows students across the globe to be accepted in the top UK universities, and simultaneously the chances of international students’ applications getting rejected are meagre. The shortage of nurses has paved the way for a nursing career as one of the reliable jobs in the UK. Apart from this, you can also be eligible to avail bursaries from the university you enroll into on meeting the eligibility criteria.

3. Recognized Degrees

When you successfully complete a nursing course in the UK, you will be permitted to work as a nurse anywhere in the world. Also, did you know? Many countries accept PR applications of candidates with medicinal qualifications in the UK with no hassle.

A degree in nursing in the UK will open up the career path for international students in ways they may have never dreamt of. After completing the course, the options are endless. With worldwide recognized degrees, you can either return to the home country, practice nursing or begin your nursing career in the land of your choice.

Many international students prefer to work as a travel nurse. With a degree/certification from a top-notch institution in the UK, you can give a shot to experience as a travel nurse in different countries upon your interests (where the demand for nursing is more).

With rewarding pay, housing and travel expenses covered, you can lead a comfortable life as a nurse. Other perks of being a travel nurse include getting exposed to different medicinal procedures of each country-  when and while you visit as a travel nurse.

4. Gain Immense Practical Knowledge

In most countries, students have to go through multiple study materials around the academic year to gain in-depth knowledge and also to complete their course successfully. But guess what? The majority of institutions in the UK curb their theoretical curriculum and focus more on practical training within the university/ in communities and hospitals. This real-time and practical knowledge you acquire during the study period will help equip you to join the workforce as soon as completing your graduation.

5. High Remuneration

Working in the UK as a nurse will result in a rewarding career. The National Health Service staff in the UK, including nurses, are highly paid based on their abilities, skills, level of expertise, and experience.

For instance, the initial pay scale for a nurse in the UK (Band 5) with 1 years’ experience is over £23,500. With a few years of experience and expertise in a particular area, you can effortlessly earn over  £37,000 as Band 6 nurse.

On the other hand, if you undertake a Master’s degree in the UK to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, then you can see earnings of over £43,500. Head Nurses can earn over £50,000, and consultant nurses can earn up to £105,000. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK offers the best pension schemes and diverse learning opportunities through frequent training programs.

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