Studying abroad can be an exciting and eye-opening experience. If you don’t want to pursue higher education locally, for one or the other reasons, seeking an opportunity overseas can be a good choice too. However, it can be challenging for us as we feel more comfortable at home. Though challenging, it’s a worthwhile experience.

There are many study abroad destinations, but Australia remains the first choice for Thai students. So, here is the basic information about the beautiful land of Roo:

Popular Courses
Most of the Thai students would go to Australia to pursue health science courses. Since Australian health courses are internationally renowned and recognised, many Thai students choose medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing, nutrition, dietetics, pharmacy etc. to study in Australia.

The duration for the courses may vary according to the curriculum structure of the programs. Most of the Australian courses last for 3 years with an additional 1 year for honours. There are courses that extends till 5 to 6 years such as Medicine, Dentistry, etc. Students with ‘O’ level and ‘N’ level results can consider foundation courses that will last for 1 year but get guaranteed entry into partner university upon meeting the entry requirements.

Course Fees
Course fees differ across the different courses and different universities. For example, studying medicine in a big city like Sydney may cost double as much as studying the same course in a smaller city like Tasmania. You may find all the course fees information the official website of the Australia University you have chosen to study.

Study Life
In Australia, where you study often affects your study life. If you live in the suburbs, you will lead a quiet life, mostly. Sources of entertainment and supermarkets might be quite far from your place. If you crave the constant buzz of the metropolis, you may consider going to the larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne to experience their fantastic festivals and major events happening throughout the year.

Student Visa and Accommodation
For a student visa in Australia, you must apply with the Australian Government where universities will send you the requirements via email. Upon application of the student visa, you will have to submit an eCOE which the university will issue to you once your application has been accepted. There are a variety of accommodation options for the international students. Most Thai students prefer on-campus accommodation which is the student housing facility located on the property of the institution or university. Staying on-campus would be an advantage especially to first year students as it will be a perfect opportunity for you to befriend people from different backgrounds and cultures. Another alternative is the off-campus accommodation where students stay in housing facility outside the campus, provided by a student accommodation agency.

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