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So what exactly is TAFE? Why is it so popular amongst so many Thai students? 

TAFE is simply an abbreviation for “Technical and Further Education”. It is a government-administered program that offers specialised classes for students who have completed high school. Sounds like a cool option right? So,let’s see the TAFE courses for international students. 

TAFE courses focus on specific skills which equip students to meet top organisations’ demands. Various TAFE Institutes across Western Australia offer offline classes, and many of these courses are available online lately for students learning remotely. 

TAFEs institutes are run predominantly by the government of Australia. However, private institutes that offer similar VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses are examined by the government’s Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for maintaining the quality standards. Hence, whether you seek certification from a government or private institution, the quality and education standards are top-notch for international students in Australia. 

Over 7% of students who enrolled for VET courses were employed with an average salary of $57,400 upon graduation. If you are an international student looking to study overseas, then the TAFE courses for international students might be one of the best options. We have listed below some of the prominent things you must know before enrolling in a TAFE Course. 

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Why TAFE Courses for International Students?

TAFE courses for international students offer sufficient time to adapt to the Australian way of life, and these courses provide students with a deep insight into skills required in a particular field or profession to excel in research and innovation sectors. 

TAFE institutions’ curriculum is directly administered by the Australian Qualifications Framework. The AQF also ensures that all the training institutions cohesively understand the curriculum and equip students to be successful in their careers upon graduation. This protocol of AQF is enforced across states and territories through the Standing Council of Tertiary Education Skills and Employment. 

Pathway Course To Universities

As an international students in Australia, if you fall short of meeting the eligibility of your favourite university, fret not! TAFE courses are offered in many institutions across Australia, and you can enrol in the one that best matches your academic qualification.

An Array of Courses 

TAFE courses for international students have over 135 courses, such as a diploma in Building and Construction (Management), Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking), Diploma of Community Services, Diploma of Interior Design, Dual Diploma of Business and Project Management- more to choose from.

Although TAFE online courses options are limited at the moment, many institutions are gradually rolling out online courses for international students to study remotely. Students can complete 25% of their class online and the rest on-campus to qualify for graduation. 

State Of The Art Facilities  

TAFE institutes are well-equipped with modern facilities and technologies to help equip international students in Australia to stay updated with market trends and requirements. TAFE institutes practically approach lessons, so you can expect to learn in a workplace environment. 

Acquire Practical Skills

The curriculum of TAFE courses for international students is framed to put their hands in real-time research with the knowledge acquired through the course. This unique framework trains international students in Australia to apply the theoretical knowledge gained and make them future-ready and employable.


Both private and governmental organisations offer TAFE courses for international students, and the quality of education, value, and recognition remain the same. The Government of Australia has come forward to funding private institutions that offer courses similar to TAFE. Hence, the government is welcoming international students to study in Australia with bursaries.

Eligibility and Fees for International Students 

Australia welcomes over 500,000 international students every year; part of the reason is affordability. 


TAFE courses can range from AUD 6,000 to AUD 11,500 per semester depending on the course (the course fee does not include food, travel, and accommodation expenses). 


International students applying for TAFE courses and institutions must be 18 years of age and must have completed high school or the acceptable equivalent.

Mature students (21 years or older) can be considered for admission based on the work experience they have in the same field. 


All students must have an IELTS score of at least 5.5 to apply for a TAFE course. In some cases, 5 or more than 5.5 may also be applicable depending on the course requirements. 

Visa Requirement:

Students travelling to Australia for TAFE courses must apply for student visas with their acceptance letters.

Insurance Cover:

It is also necessary for international students to have an international student insurance policy.

We hope we answered some of the questions you may have had about TAFE from an international student perspective. If you would like to know more about TAFE courses for international students and institutions offering TAFE courses in Australia,get in touch with our expert counsellors today.

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