Update on the Covid19 situation in the UK


The Covid-19 Situation Update in the UK

Amidst all the news around the current pandemic in most study destinations, the UK stands apart, proving to everyone that life can and is getting back to normal.

Now, however, the UK has surpassed the expectations placed on the entries of international students to the UK.

It probably makes you wonder what’s the reason behind the incredible progress that the UK has made. Read further for an update on the COVID-19 situation in the UK.

The Advantages of the UK's Education System

Corona Virus Update

1. Unique course time and cost balance

As one of the top study destinations globally, the duration of the courses offered is an unexpected and unique advantage that the UK possesses.

Although the tuition fee is relatively high in the UK, the duration of the courses serves as an advantage for students hoping to balance their expenditure and still be able to attain a great quality of education. Students find it viable to study for a shorter duration as it considerably brings down their overall expenditure.

2. Post-study work rights - the most popular attraction!

The extension of PSW rights for international students serves as a beacon of hope for those of whom wish to build a career in the UK. International students can now stay and work in the UK for two years and three for a PhD.

This news certainly establishes a prospective future which many were unsure of back in 2010. With this, students are more likely to study in the UK.

For more information on the Post-study work rights, you can refer to this detailed blog on ‘UK Post Study Work Visa for International Students’.

3. Exemplary Student Academic Experience

According to Jonathan Neves and Nick Hillman’s 2019 survey on Student Academic Experience, the quality of education in the UK has not only been consistent but has also amplified.

As per the survey, it has also been understood that the clarity students receive on the goals and requirements of courses benefits them appreciably.

Moreover, the investment in contact hours - which are the hours of scheduled instructions given to students - has been received well by a majority of the students.

With such quality, it is no surprise that the UK has been surpassing expectations.

How Face-to-Face teaching is vital for international students

Covid Update
Online teaching has, without a doubt, been helpful for international students. However, with 2021 dawning on us, students expect to travel to the UK and begin studying abroad, face-to-face.

As per the recent QS survey, among 1021 students, 45% of them wish to begin face-to-face classes. To meet students halfway, the universities introduced hybrid classes wherein students can travel if they are legally allowed to, to study face-to-face.

Therefore currently, international students who are unable to travel can begin their course from home without a Tier-4 student visa. So, when international students are confident to travel, they can apply for their Tier-4 student visa. Moreover, those whose applications are successful, can stay and work in the UK for two years - three years for PhD.

Although the travel barriers have had an impact on the students’ plans and abilities to begin their studies, they have been supported immensely by the UK Government. Infact, over 77% of prospective international students believe that their support has been useful during the pandemic breakout.

Surpassing Expectations - increase in the number of international students

covid19 update

This part is the best piece of news in months! The UK is on course to recruit record numbers of international students during the pandemic! This news defies predictions that the numbers were going to crash; in other words, a financial disaster.

The Universities and College Admissions Services (UCAS) has revealed that the UK universities are enjoying a 9% increase in the number of undergraduate students from outside the UK and the EU starting this fall. The number has risen to a record total of 44,300.

However, this number does not include the postgraduate applications sent directly to the universities instead of the UCAS.

The efforts made by the UK universities are thereby proving effective as it has helped students take a step forward in their studies abroad sooner, efficiently.

We are looking forward to more!

The recent updates are genuinely motivating and promising of a brighter future ahead. Stay on your toes for updates, and if you require any further information, please contact us- AECC Global and we will be happy to help!

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