Total Cost of Living in the UK


Planning to study in the United Kingdom, home to some of the world's renowned colleges and universities?

Before starting your study abroad journey in the UK you must be aware of the living expenses in the country. You must calculate your living expenses before beginning your education in your desired study destination. If you are an international student, you must have a minimum amount of money to cover your living and study expenses. Knowing the living costs in your study abroad destination will enable you to better plan your budget.

Cost of Living in the UK 

For international students who are studying in the UK, the average cost of living (food and other regular expenses) for a month in the UK is typically between £12,000 - £15,000 per year.


While planning to study in the UK, one of the first decisions international students must make is where they will stay. The United Kingdom has a wide range of comfortable accommodations. To better meet their needs, international students have a variety of accommodation alternatives, including host families, university dorms, and rental apartments. In the United Kingdom, the average annual cost of housing ranges from £5,00 to £9,200.

Universities provide fully furnished on-campus housing with integrated university-managed support. The fact that food and utilities are always included in the price is another advantage of living on campus.

Housing costs could be reduced by sharing a house with other students. Monthly off-campus living costs range from £6,00 to £8,00. If gas, electricity, and water are not included in the rent, they could cost an extra £155 - £204 a month. 


Students can commute via private and public transportation, which includes everything from taxis to rental cars. The cost of public transportation in the United Kingdom varies based on where you live and how you travel. International students in the UK spend between £80 and £120 a month on travel. International students usually obtain discounts on public transit, cutting the average cost of living in the UK.

The underground railway system in the United Kingdom is well-connected, which reduces commuting time and allows students to travel further for less money. On average, a monthly pass for most services costs around £55 per month.

Students can apply for a Student Oyster Card, which will save them 30% on adult-rate travelcards as well as season bus and tram passes. A weekly transport with a Student Oyster Card costs £24.57 and allows them to travel anywhere in zones 1 to 2. 

Food and Groceries

Depending on the person's lifestyle, the food and grocery budget may vary. If you enjoy preparing meals or cooking your own dinner, you may save even more money by limiting your shopping to around £200 – £250 per month.

Other monthly expenses, such as phone bills, water bills, energy bills, and internet, could total around £150. Some campus housing options may include these services, making them less expensive than living on their own.

Average Monthly Expenses


£500 – £850

Food and Groceries

£200 – £250


£80- £120

Phone and Internet

£ 120- £180

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