How the Australian Education System works


The Australian Education system

Have you ever imagined yourself studying at the library where John O’Sullivan and his team were inspired to discover the Wi-Fi? Or walking through the same halls as the famous artist, Hugh Jackman? An interesting fact is that these brilliant minds were a product of the Australian education system. 

Australia has been consistently developing their quality of education, and has introduced a number of world class scientists, artists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, and more to the world. Their education system has opened doors to greater innovation and experiments.

Read further to understand why Australia being the third most sought after study destination, really stands out in the world of education.

1. Value for prior learning and experience

The Australian Education System

We all learn something every day. This process in turn, leads to greater growth and an increase in knowledge. The Australian education system goes far to prove this point.

As a student in an Australian institution, you have the opportunity to use your prior learning, to accelerate your development in the course you have undertaken. After all, why repeat classes just because it’s a part of your course when you can learn something new instead? This is what Australia calls, The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

As a Thai, the National Office of Overseas Regulations (NOOSR) will assess your prior work. On the basis of this assessment, you may earn credits. This does not only apply to native Australians.

2. There is something called the Honours Degree!

Degree in the Australian Education System

Are you someone who takes keen interest in becoming an excellent academic or someone who wants to learn more and delve deeper into a particular subject? Well then, an Honours degree is what would benefit you the most!

An Honours is a year long, high-quality training you pursue after completing your Bachelor’s.

If you wish to pursue a Master’s degree or a Doctorate in a particular course, you can earn a Bachelor’s degree and an Honours degree in the same course itself. You are also given the opportunity to do extensive research as a part of your thesis.

In other terms, it’s equivalent to attaining the highest level of training in a Bachelor degree or a level of a Postgraduate degree. The best part is, you get to do all of this with people who share the same goal.

Oh! Did you know that Australia is one of the very few nations that offer an Honours degree? If you love research, go for it!

3. Aiming to obtain an HD? But what exactly is an HD?

Australian Education System

Studying in Australia means you will have to get used to the acronym HD – which stands for ‘High Distinction’ (not the good ol’ ‘High Definition’!).

Why is it important? Well, the grading system goes like this:

University Grading Scale

HD – High Distinction

D – Distinction

C – Credit

P – Pass

N – Fail

Honours’ degree

H1– First-class Honours

H2A – Second class Honours/ A Division

H2B – Second class Honours/ B Division

H3 – Third class Honours

– Pass

N – Fail

4. Transcend beyond classrooms and exams

Australian Education System

Education in Australia is a little more than just sitting in a classroom and taking notes from your professor. It also involves participating in activities like sports, going on adventures, being a part of a club, etc. Participating in the Model United Nations is also of great value here!

Why the emphasis on these activities?

Well, learning to lead, interacting with people from different walks of life, working with a team, etc. cannot be taught in a classroom. These activities make all the difference in self-improvement and can boost a student’s confidence in many ways.

5. Internships that shape careers

Internships in Australia for international students

Do you want to stand out amongst a sea of talented individuals? One way to boost your professional image and your chance of quality employment is by doing internships.

In addition, internships give you a peek into what your dream job would look like.

For instance, in order to help international students, the Education Centre for Australia helps in managing, consulting and guiding through internship requirements. 

Get ahead with the array of opportunities laid out for you. A brilliant career awaits!

6. Study from home

Australia Education System

Digital learning is globally transforming how education is consumed by students world over.

Australia’s EdTech is booming and there are consistent efforts being made towards reaching a wider audience. Australia’s wholesale open-access telecommunication network project- The National Broadband Network (NBN) has stepped up to aid the growth of online education among students. 

Some provisions for online education are Open Colleges, Open Universities Australia, Online Education Services, Open Training and Education Network and Ducere.

You can check out the courses offered by universities like La Trobe, Curtin, RMIT and many more.

7. Vocational Education Training

Vocational Education Training in the Australian Education System

Australia provides you with an opportunity to learn from experts of the industry you want to be a part of, with the help of the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector.

As a student, you will be trained on the practical skills required in a particular workforce.

Qualifications are provided by government institutions a.k.a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions, and private institutions as well.

Your qualification ranges across four levels: Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV. You also have the option to earn a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma.

8. International student rights in Australia

Australian Education System for international students
It’s nice to know someone’s got your back always, isn’t it?

Yes! The Australian education system has your back with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act in place. 

The ESOS Act ensures the delivery of top-notch education and aids in providing financial protection as well. You will have complete transparency about your courses, and the institutions you wish to study in australia even before enrolling.

The Act also behaves like a bank, in terms of the tuition protection it offers under the Tuition Protection Service (TPS).

9. Scholarships: because, why not?

the Australian education system scholarships

A good way to save money is by applying for scholarships. It reduces your financial concerns and helps you focus on your studies better.

Australia offers 5 main different scholarship programs, namely: the Australia awardsDestination Australia ProgramResearch Training Program, and scholarships by providers.

Australia, with it’s unique and modern approach towards education will help you navigate your way through great opportunities. Being a part of their prestigious education system would increase your career prospects and aid towards a defined future.

Connect with us today, and start living the Australian dream soon!

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